Q1. What is lead generation at Lead Partner?

Lead generation is the marketing process of procuring and delivering inquiries of potential customers for increasing sales and profit ratio. By utilizing lead generation strategy, every advertisement published on media modes results in a positive response. With Lead Partner, the client receives the exact consumer lead associated with products and services.

Q2. How leads are generated? Which media platforms are utilized?

We adapt an extensive marketing access across multiple online and offline media scaffold, to ensure the campaign receives detailed exposure to target audience. We only charge for delivering inquiries with possibility of sales conversion.

Q3. How lead generation process work?

We design innovative media campaigns with an aim to procure maximum inquiries from consumers in the market. We ease the process by delivering info to sales team for accelerating sales. Our creativity, innovation, qualitative leads and cost per inquiry policy confirms the success of lead generation.

Q4. Which geographical regions we target?

We specialize in targeting US based customers. On clients special request, we do cover other major locations around the globe. Thanks, to our affiliate network who have always supported us.

Q5. How lead generation benefits your business?

We deliver you the customers, whom your sales team can easily convert to longtime users. Investing in lead generation program is a smart idea for advancing current sales.

Q6. How we deal with compliance?

For us compliance is our key to success. We believe in executing campaigns where we are confident in meeting clients' expectations. Lead Partner strictly operates as per the international guidelines as introduced for quality lead generation.

Q7. What kind of leads does Lead Partner deliver?

Our competencies include healthcare sector, medical insurance and pharmology. We hold experience in lead procurement process and are capable to deliver inquiries from potential customers.

Q8. How can I access the delivered leads?

For the convenience of clients, we have formulated Every client we work with receives access to our proprietary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system where leads are tracked and reported. Our team will provide you with a user account and informative demos prior to the start of your campaign.

Additionally, if you have an existing CRM, we can integrate with that system seamlessly and transfer all data in real time.

Q9. Does Lead Partner offers guaranteed results?

We deliver the leads as per clients expectations and are of the highest quality.

Q10. Lead generation is costly?

No, lead generation is not that costly as you think. We share the exact customer details, which benefit your business. Clients just need to pay for qualified inquiries.